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Work on issues in Slack

Agents can take various actions in Slack which immediately sync with the issue in your service project.

Add comments

To comment on an issue:

  1. Find the issue thread, either in the request or agent channel.

  2. Enter your message and send.

Comments are visible to anyone with access to the request channel, and they also sync with the issue.

Add internal notes

If you need to add a sensitive message that should only be visible to other agents, add it as an internal note:

  1. Find the issue thread in the agent channel.

  2. Start your message with the lock emoji (:lock:), then enter the rest of your note and send.

The message only shows in the agent channel and in the issue view in the service project.

Approve or decline requests

If approval requests are set up for your project, anyone who needs to approve a request receives a direct message from Assist.

To approve or decline the request:

  1. Review the request, using View details to open the issue in web if needed.

  2. Select the relevant button in your chat with Assist.

    1. Select Approve to approve the request.

    2. Select Decline to decline it.

Once you approve or decline the request, the message displays a timestamped notification recording your decision.

Assign an issue to yourself

To assign an issue to yourself, you must be an agent in the agent channel. There are two ways to assign the issue to yourself:

  • Select Take it.

  • React to the message with the eyes emoji (:eyes:).

Change the status of an issue

Before you can change an issue’s status, make sure you’re assigned to it as the agent.

Once assigned, to change the status of an issue:

  1. Select Change status on the issue in the agent channel or the thread of the request.

  2. Select a new status from the dropdown.

    1. If you’re closing an issue, an additional screen appears where you need to select the resolution.

  3. Select Submit.

View issue details

To see all of an issue’s fields, use View in the message in the request channel. A modal opens showing all available form fields. This option is available in the request channel.

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