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Work on issues in Slack

Chat allows you to connect your service project with Slack so you can receive support requests and work on them without leaving Slack. Learn more about chat.

You can take various actions in Slack which will immediately sync with the issue in your service project.

Add comments

To comment on an issue, type a message in the thread of the original request in either the triage channel or the request channel. Comments will be visible to anyone with access to the request channel.

Add internal notes

To add internal notes to issues, type a message in the thread of the triage channel and preface the message with a :lock: emoji. This will post your note to the issue as an internal note. It will be shown in the thread in the triage channel but not in the request channel.

Assign an issue to yourself

To assign an issue to yourself, select the Take it button on the issue in the triage channel or by reacting to a message with the :eyes: emoji.

Change the status of an issue

Before you can change an issue’s status, you’ll first need to assign it to yourself.

Once assigned, to change the status of an issue:

  1. Select the Change status button on the issue in the triage channel or the thread of the request.

  2. Select a new status from the dropdown.

  3. Select Submit.

View issue details

To see all of an issue’s fields, use the View button in the message. A modal will open that’ll show all available form fields. You’ll see this view option in both the request channel and in the Assist app home.

Additional Help