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Group help content in your portal

The portal is your service project’s customer-facing site. Customers send and track requests through the portal, and also read knowledge base articles to self-serve.

Project admins can set up, customize and group content in the portals they administer to provide customers an efficient and seamless support experience.

Here are a few ways in which you can group and manage the content that appears in your portal:

Knowledge base article categories

Project admins and agents can categorize knowledge base articles.

This is the first content grouping that your customer sees on coming to your portal. You can categorize your knowledge base articles so that your customers can find the article they need faster before having to raise a request. Your portal only shows knowledge base articles that have been categorized.

Learn how to categorize knowledge base articles and how to feature them prominently in a category.

Project admins can link out to helpful knowledge, communication channels like chat, request forms and more from tools outside Jira Service Management in the portal.

Your customers will see any links to external resources that you’ve added in the service project as Related resources below knowledge base categories.

Learn how to add links to external resources in your portal.

Portal groups

If your customer isn’t able to serve themselves with the articles and links to external resources provided in the first section of your portal, they can proceed to the next to raise a request. At this point, they’ll see a group of request forms from which they can pick one that meets their need. These groups of request forms are called portal groups. Portal groups are very similar to knowledge base categories, with the difference that instead of articles, they contain request forms.

When you create a service project using a template, a few pre-defined portal groups are already created and start appearing in the portal. Project admins can create, edit, delete or hide these portal groups.

Learn how to organize your request forms into portal groups.


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