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Create an automation rule to prioritize your incidents


After configuring the workflow, let's create the automation rules that triggers the appropriate transition depending on the urgency and impact selected during request creation. 

To create an automation rule to prioritize your service project requests:

  1. From your service project sidebar, select Project settings > Automation.

  2. Select Add rule.

  3. Select Custom rule.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Enter a meaningful name and description for the rule.

  6. Set up when, if and then settings for your rule that correspond to your matrix. Learn more about automation rules.

  7. Click Save.

The rules should follow the following pattern:

  • When: Issue created

  • If, or Else if: Specify the urgency and impact value pair according to the matrix, for example: 

    1 status = "Priority triage" AND Impact = "Extensive / Widespread" AND Urgency = "Critical"
  • Then: Transition issue, and select the transition that matches the value pair according to the matrix. 

Note: If your Urgency or Impact value is optional on the request type form or issue create screen, then there might be cases where these fields are empty. In this case, make sure that you add a Else if condition that caters for this scenario, for example: 

  • Else if

    1 status = "Priority triage" AND Impact is empty OR Urgency is EMPTY
  • Then: Transition issue, Low.

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