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About products and entitlements

To use these features, turn on Customer and organization profiles and Products and entitlements on the Features page in Project settings.

In Jira Service Management, products refer to any products or services your customers have entitlements to. Adding your products allows you to create entitlements for your customers.

An entitlement represents a customer's access to a product or service and includes important details related to that access. These details could include things like: support level, product tier, number of licenses, expiry date or any other information about their entitlement. Agents can view these details on a customer’s profile to get additional context when working on support requests.

Add entitlement field to request types

You can add the Entitlement field to your request types. If you add the field to the request form, customers will be able to choose from a list of products they have entitlements to. Agents will also be able to see the field in the issue view. Before adding the field to your request types, first add your products and create entitlements for your customers.

If the Entitlement field is a required field in the request form, customers without entitlements won't be able to submit the form as they won’t be presented with any options for the field.

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