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What are unassigned request types?

Unassigned request types don’t belong to a work category (such as Incidents, Problems, or Changes). If you’ve recently enabled work categories in your service project, you’ll need to assign your existing request types to these categories to get started. Until request types are assigned, they can be found in the unassigned section of your request types page in Project settings.

Requests with an unassigned request type don't have access to the specialized features of work categories (such as dedicated change management integrations and automation to help minimize risk to your deployments, or incident management features including the incident timeline, conference call and chat capabilities).

Requests with an unassigned request type will appear in your navigation sidebar under Queues rather than in one of the five work category sections (Service requests, Incidents, Problems, Changes, or Post-incident reviews).

To create an unassigned request type, and then assign it to a work category later, you can do so by selecting Create request type in the Unassigned section of the Request types page in your Project settings.

You can assign any unassigned request types to the selected work category by selecting Assign request types in the Service requests, Incidents, Problems, Changes or Post-incident reviews section of the Request types page in your Project settings. Learn how to assign an existing request type to a work category.

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