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What are responder alerts?

When an incident is raised, people and teams can be added to the incident as responders so that they can work to resolve it.

When alerts are enabled and a responder is added to an incident, the responder will be alerted according to their alert notification preferences and the priority of the alert. Learn more about alert priorities. Or, learn how to set up your alert notifications.

Admins can enable alerts in the Incident Management settings page in their Project Settings. Once enabled and configured, alerts can automatically be created when someone is assigned, added as a responder, or owns a service on the incident.

A Jira admin will need to add the responders field to each of the issue types associated with your incident request types so you can create and acknowledge responder alerts from the issue view of an incident. Learn how to add the responders field to your service project.

When an incident is created for a service with an owner team, an alert will be created for that team. However, if that team does not have a routing rule, escalation policy, schedule or on-call person - then an alert will be created but no one will be notified. Learn how to set up escalations and on-call in Opsgenie.

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