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Add a form to a request type

When Jira admins or project admins add a form as part of the request form on a request type, it'll appear as one form for customers to fill out when they raise a request. Doing this allows you to include conditional sections, rich formatting, and custom layouts to request forms.

You can add a form to a request type two different ways.

Add directly from request types

  1. Go to Project settings > Request types.

  2. Select a request type.

  3. Select Attach form at the bottom of the request form.

  4. Select either Create from template if you wish to create a new form, or Select existing if you wish to use a form already in your project.

    1. If you are creating a new form using a template, select a form template to customize.

    2. If you are adding an existing form, search and select from the list of available forms.

  5. Select Save changes.

Add from the form builder settings

  1. Go to Project settings > Forms.

  2. Select the form you want to attach to a request type.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Turn on the toggle next to Attach to request types.

  5. From the drop-down underneath, select request types.

    • For each request type you select, the form will appear in that request type’s request form, along with any other Jira fields you’ve already configured.

  6. Select Save changes.


You’ll find a preview of the full form on any request types they have been added. If you've added a form to a request type without linking Jira fields, the form fields will appear underneath Jira fields in the portal and issue view. Learn more about form locations


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