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Add a customer to a service project

Both administrators and agents can add customers to a service project.

To add a customer:

  1. From your service project sidebar, go to Customers.

  2. Select Add customers.

  3. Enter the customer’s username or email. Separate customers by commas to bulk add multiple customers at once.

  4. Select Add.

When a customer is added to a service project:

  • If the Customer invited notification is enabled for the service project, the customer will receive an invite to sign up for an account to access help centers on your site.

  • If the Customer invited notification is disabled, an email is sent to the customer to verify their email address. When the customer completes signing up by creating a password, they can log in to the help center to raise and view requests.

  • An account is created for the customer. You can start raising requests on behalf of the customer even if the customer hasn’t completed their account sign-up. However, the customer needs to verify their email address to receive customer notifications. Find out more about raising a request for a customer.

There is no limit on the number of customers you can add to your service project however only Jira admins can edit customer’s name, change password, migrate portal-only account to Atlassian account, revoke access, or delete account for a customer. Find out more about managing customer accounts.

Admins can set up Jira Service Management to allow customers to add accounts by themselves. Or, you can open your service project to Jira users. Find out how to set up your global and project permissions.  

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