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What is the feature lab?

The feature lab gives you access to trial new features and helps us gather real-world feedback to improve them.

There are a few important things to know about the features that you’ll find in the lab:

They’re our newest features – showcasing new ideas and new ways of working. They’re a great way to have a say in how a feature will work before it’s released, and get a head start on implementing new tools.

They’re works in progress – so features may not work as expected, may be changed or updated more often than usual, and in rare cases might break.

They may not be released depending on performance and customer feedback. If our customers don’t love it, or a feature doesn’t add sufficient value, we may not permanently release it into Jira Service Management.

We need your feedback - We’re looking to you to help us make these features better, so if you have suggestions for improvements or find yourself struggling with something, let us know by submitting feedback. If you’re finding a feature useful, it’s helpful for us to know that as well.

Check out the feature lab by heading to Project settings > Features, and scrolling down to the section titled ‘Feature lab’. You can trial a specific feature in your project by using the toggle to enable it.

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