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Use the virtual agent in your portal

The virtual agent in the portal is currently rolling out, and should be available for all Premium and Enterprise customers by 15 July, 2024.

The virtual agent uses machine learning to recognize questions and requests. It can automate repetitive tasks in your portal using turn-by-turn conversation flows, artificial intelligence connected to your knowledge base, or a combination of both.

Using the virtual agent in your portal allows your customers to get answers they need without having to manually search for articles or request forms. Read more about the portal.

The virtual agent in your portal is on by default, even if you don’t have the virtual agent running in Slack

If you have an active virtual agent today or have used the virtual agent in your project in the past, it’ll be live in your portal by default.

If you don’t have Atlassian Intelligence answers turned on, and all of your intents are set to Test, the virtual agent will still work in your portal, but will automatically escalate all queries to the virtual agent default request type.

How it works

  1. Customers on your portal select the Chat with virtual agent button.

  2. In the chat window that opens, customers enter their question or search term.

  3. The virtual agent uses the match intent standard flow to match their question or search term to an intent, or respond using Atlassian Intelligence answers (if enabled). Read more about the match intent standard flow.

Use your virtual agent in the portal

For the virtual agent to be active in your portal, all you need to do is:

  1. Set up your virtual agent if you haven’t already.

  2. Turn on Atlassian Intelligence answers, or set at least one intent to Live.

Your virtual agent will automatically work in the portal.

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