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Synchronize your services with Compass

We’re gradually rolling this feature out to everyone. If you don’t see it, you’ll need to instead import components from Jira Service Management into Compass.

Use your software catalog across more of your toolchain by automatically synchronizing services in Jira Service Management with equivalent components in Compass.

Image showing a service with the 'synched' status for a Compass component

Services in Jira Service Management are designed to track systems, platforms, or infrastructure that provide value to your business or customers. Services behave like ‘connectors’ in Jira Service Management, allowing you to map, organize, and manage information between different features such as changes or incidents. Read more about services.

Services with the type software services, capabilities, and application are automatically synchronized with components of the same type in Compass. Business service types in Jira Service Management are not synchronized, as Compass does not possess that type.

Any edits that are made to a synchronized service or component will automatically update the corresponding component or service. Edits may take a few minutes to update.

Because services may be connected to critical incident or change workflows, deleting a synchronized component in Compass will not delete the corresponding service in Jira Service Management.


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