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Create, edit, or delete an intent

The virtual agent for Jira Service Management is in a closed beta.

If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan and want to try the virtual agent, join the waitlist.

Each intent represents a specific problem, question, or request that your virtual agent can help resolve for your customers.

When the virtual agent detects an intent in a customer’s message, it asks them to confirm that the intent detected is correct. Once confirmed, the virtual agent starts the conversation flow for that intent.

Intents can have one of two statuses:

  • Test – the intent is active in the test channel, but not in the customer-facing request channel.

  • Live – the intent is active in both the customer-facing request channel and in the test channel.

When you create a new intent, its status is set to Test by default. When you’re ready to activate it for customers, you can change the status to Live. Learn more about activating or deactivating an intent, or about virtual agent channels.

Create a new intent

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings, then Virtual agent.

  2. Select Intents, and then Create intent.

  3. Give your intent a Name.

  4. Give your intent a detailed Description.

  5. Give your intent a Display name.

    • This may appear for customers as an option they can select to start the conversation flow for this intent, so make it short and clear.

  6. Enter three Training phrases to start teaching your virtual agent how to recognize this intent.

  7. Select Create.

  8. Build the conversation flow for your intent. Learn how to build a conversation flow.

  9. Select Save changes.

Once you’ve created your intent and finished building its conversation flow, it’ll automatically be active in your test channel. We recommend going to your test channel and testing your intent before activating it for your customers in a request channel. Learn how to activate an intent.

Edit an intent

To make changes to an intent:

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings, then Virtual agent.

  2. Select Intents, and then select the intent you want to edit.

  3. Select Flow to edit the intent's conversation flow. Learn more about building a conversation flow.

  4. Select Training to edit the intent's Training phrases. Learn more about training your virtual agent to recognize an intent.

  5. Select Settings to edit the intent's Description, Display name, or Confirmation question.

  6. Select Save changes.

Delete an intent

To delete an intent:

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings, then Virtual agent.

  2. Select Intents.

  3. Hover over the intent you want to delete, and then select Delete () on the right hand side.

  4. Select Delete.

If you want to keep your intent but don’t want it to be active for customers, you can deactivate it instead. Learn how to deactivate an intent.


Let’s say a large number of your customers need help with resetting their passwords for various software applications every day. You have clear instructions documented for each software program, but they’re hard to find, so customers frequently come to your chat platform to ask your support agents for help. This means that your agents spend a lot of their time repeatedly sending the same links to your customers.

In this scenario, you could create an intent called Password reset, and train your virtual agent to recognize when customers are asking for help with resetting their password. Then you could configure the Password reset conversation flow so that the virtual agent:

  • asks the customer which software program they want to reset their password for

  • sends the customer a link to the relevant instructions

  • asks whether the instructions helped them, and if not, creates an issue in Jira Service Management for a human agent to work on

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