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Work on issues in Microsoft Teams

Chat allows you to connect your service project with Microsoft Teams so you can turn messages into issues and work on them, all without leaving Teams. Find out more about chat.

You can take various actions in Teams that immediately sync with issues in your service project.

Add comments

To comment on an issue:

  1. Select Reply on the issue card.

  2. Enter your reply.

  3. Select Send.

Comments show to anyone with access to the card.

Add internal notes

To add internal notes to issues:

  1. Select Reply on the issue card from the agent channel.

  2. Enter your reply.

  3. Select Send as private note before selecting Send.

The message only posts to other agents in the agent channel. The requester won’t see any private notes.

Approve or decline requests

If approval requests are set up for your project, anyone who needs to approve a request receives a direct message from Assist.

To approve or decline a request:

  1. Review the request, using View details to open the issue in your service project.

  2. Select the relevant button on the issue card in your chat with Assist.

    1. Select Approve to approve the request.

    2. Select Decline to decline it.

Once you approve or decline the request, the card displays a timestamped notification recording your decision.

Assign an issue to yourself

To assign an issue to yourself, select Take it on the issue card in the agent channel.

Change the status of an issue

Before you can change an issue’s status, first assign it to yourself.

Once assigned, to change the status of an issue:

  1. Visit the Assist tab.

  2. Select Requests.

    1. If you have requests open as a customer, you need to select My issues in the menu to see those assigned to you as an agent.

  3. Once you find the issue to transition, select a new status from the menu.

  4. Select Save.

You can close an issue directly from the card in the agent channel.

View issue details

To see all of an issue’s fields, use the View details button on the card. This option shows in both the agent channel and in the Assist app home.

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