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The incident management workflow for service projects

The IT service management template associates certain requests with an incident management workflow. An incident management workflow helps service project agents to investigate, record, and resolve service interruptions or outages with the aim to reduce downtime and negative impacts on business.

Jira Service Management provides an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliant incident management workflow called ISD: Incident Management workflow for Jira Service Management. We recommend that you start with this workflow and adapt it to your specific business needs over time.

Incident management includes the following high-level process:

  1. Service end users, monitoring systems, or internal IT members report interruptions.

  2. The service project agent logs the incident in the service project linking together all reports related to the service interruption.

  3. The service project automatically records the date and time, reporter name, and a unique ID for the incident.

  4. A service project agent labels the incidents with appropriate categorization. The team uses these categories during post-incident reviews and for reporting.

  5. A service project agent prioritizes the incident based on impact and urgency.

  6. The team diagnoses the incident, the services affected, and possible solutions. Agents communicate with incident reporters to help complete this diagnosis.

  7. If needed, the service project team escalates the incident to second-line support representatives. These are the people who work regularly on the affected systems.

  8. The service project team resolves the service interruption and verifies that the fix is successful. The resolution is fully documented for future reference.

  9. The service project automatically closes the incident.


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