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View customer notification logs for your service project

The features described on this page may not yet be available on your Jira Service Management site. To find out when these features will be live on your site, keep an eye on our release notes or the Atlassian Community.

Customer notifications are emails that notify customers about an invitation to join a project or updates on their requests. Sometimes, these notifications don't reach the customer's inbox due to various reasons.

Customer notification logs help project admins see which email notifications didn't get delivered and why. Admins can view all failed notifications in one place and take action to make sure customers receive notifications on time.

Currently, you can only view failed customer invite notifications.

View customer notification logs

To view customer notification logs, go to your service project, and select Customer notification logs.

Customer notification log details

Each row in the table shows a failed notification. You can see the following details for each failed notification:

  • Date and time - When the invite was sent. Currently, the data is only stored for 21 days.

  • Notification name - The name of the notification triggered.

  • Customer name - The email address or name of the intended recipient.

  • What went wrong - The possible reason for the delivery failure.

Common reasons for failed customer notifications

Here are some common reasons why notifications might fail:

  • Internal errors - These happen within Jira Service Management and can cause notifications to fail. Most of these errors are intermittent, so try resending the notification later.

  • Email validation error - This happens when a customer's email address is not formatted correctly. Examples include a missing '@', a comma in the address, or missing angle brackets.

  • Notification template too large - This only affects sites that use paid edition of Jira Service Management. It happens when custom notification templates are larger than 6 MB. To fix this, try reducing the template size and resend the notification. Learn how to edit the content of your customer notifications.

  • Email notifications limit reached - This happens for sites with a limit on email notifications. For example, if you are using a Free plan with a limit of 100 emails per day, then after reaching the limit, Jira Service Management will stop sending notifications until the next day. Learn more about Jira Service Management plans.

  • Email address added to suppression list - This occurs when a customer's email address is blocked due to email bounces or rejections, or if the customer's mailbox blocks emails from Atlassian. To fix this error for a failed invite, from your service project, go to the Customers page. Then, search for the customer’s email address and select Resend Invite. The suppressed email address will be removed from the list and an email notification will be sent from Jira Service Management.

  • Private email address - This occurs when you try to invite a customer with an email address from a private network, like someone@ These addresses can't be used on the public internet. Learn more about address allocation on private networks.

  • Errors from email service providers - Sometimes, Jira Service Management sends an email, but the customer's email service provider rejects it. This can happen if the email address is invalid, the customer's email doesn't exist, or the customer has unsubscribed from notification emails. In these cases, check the error message from the email provider and take appropriate action.

  • Unspecified error - Occasionally, customers don't receive notifications due to unclear reasons. If this happens, try resending the invite later.

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