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Set up chat in Microsoft Teams

Chat connects your service project with either Slack or Microsoft Teams to create issues directly from messages. When customers ask for help in chat, your agents respond, transition issues, and close requests — all without leaving Slack or Teams.

Your service project connects to either Slack or Teams through an app called Atlassian Assist.

Set up chat in your service project

A Jira site can only connect to one Microsoft Teams tenant.

To set up chat in your service project:

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Channels, then Chat, then Configure.

  2. Select Install in Teams. This opens the Teams app store listing for Assist.

  3. Select Add to a team.

  4. Search for the private team you’d like to use as your triage team with Assist and select Set up bot.

  5. Once the installation process completes, go through the onboarding tour to finish setup.

    1. During the onboarding tour, you may need to grant the app permissions. If you’re unable to grant permissions, reach out to your Teams admin for assistance.

After you’ve added Assist to your tenant, go back to the chat setup page. You should see the option to sign in with Microsoft Teams. If not, select Install in Teams again, then:

  1. Select Sign in with Teams.

  2. Select the Microsoft Teams account linked to your tenant to sign in. You may need to enter your password to continue.

  3. Select the request types you want to use in Teams, then select Add.

Some request type fields are not supported and will not be shown on the request form. If you have a required field in a request type that isn’t supported by chat, the request type can’t be used.

If you want to use the request type without the unsupported field, just make sure it’s not a required field to avoid any errors.

Set up your triage team and channels in Teams

Triage team

A triage team is a private team where agents can assign, edit, and respond to requests. Only your agents should be members of these teams, as they impact your bill.

To set up a triage team:

  1. In Teams, create a new private team.

  2. Add Assist to the team:

    1. Type @Get bots as a message in the channel.

    2. Select Assist. You may need to request permission from the admin to add the bot.

  3. Add agents to the team.

Request channels

A request channel is where customers can ask your team for help.

To set up a request channel:

  1. In Teams, create a new channel.

  2. Add Assist to the channel:

    1. Type @Get bots as a message in the channel.

    2. Select Assist.

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