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Jira Automation docs have moved

All content related to Jira Cloud Automation, previously under the Automate your Jira processes and workflows section, have moved to the new Cloud Automation docs.

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Connect Microsoft Teams to your service project

Microsoft Teams for Jira Service Management is now available for early access. Sign up to get early access.

Microsoft Teams is a chat and video-conferencing tool that you can connect to Jira Service Management to make it easy for incident responders to communicate, collaborate, and resolve incidents. It’s supported only in IT service management projects.

By connecting Jira Service Management with Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • easily create chats and meetings to collaborate during incidents

  • invite responders to join your chat and meeting

  • view all incident details in the chat and meeting

  • update the incident priority, assign the incident to yourself, add an internal note, and send a reply to the customer from Microsoft Teams.

To get started, a site admin needs to connect the Jira Service Management site with a Microsoft tenant, and then a project admin needs to enable Microsoft Teams for their project.

Connect your Jira Service Management site to your Microsoft tenant

You need to be a site admin to connect a Jira Service Management site to a Microsoft tenant.

  1. Once you get early access to Microsoft Teams, you’ll be notified via email. Open the email and download the email attachment named ‘manifest.zip’.

  2. Log in to Microsoft Teams and go to Apps > Manage your apps.

  3. Select Upload an app and then select Submit an app to your org.

  4. Browse and upload the manifest.zip file from your computer.

  5. When the Atlassian ChatOps app listing opens:

    1. select Copy link to get the app link which you’ll need to register the app during setup

    2. select whether you’d like to Add it for yourself, Add to a chat, or Add to a meeting.

  6. When prompted by the app, sign in to your Atlassian account.

  7. Select the Jira Service Management site you want to connect with Teams and select Connect. You can connect only one site where you are the site admin.

  8. Register your app using the app link you’ve copied.

    1. To get the link, go to the app listing and select Copy link.

  9. Select Give permission if you’re the Teams Administrator to allow Jira Service Management to create chats and meetings in Microsoft Teams.

    1. If you’re not the Teams Administrator, copy and share the link with your Teams Administrator so they can authorize you to give permission to Jira Service Management.

Now that you’ve connected your site with Microsoft Teams, you need to enable Microsoft Teams on your project before you can create chats and meetings for incidents.

Enable or disable Microsoft Teams for your project

You need to be a project admin to enable or disable Microsoft Teams for a project.

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings > Incident management.

  2. Under Communication preferences, switch on or off the Microsoft Teams option.

Once you’ve enabled Microsoft Teams for a project, you can create chats and meetings for incidents. Learn how to create Microsoft Teams chat or meeting for an incident.

If disabled, you’ll no longer be able to create chats and meetings for incidents in that project. You can switch it back on at anytime to resume creating Microsoft Teams chats and meetings from Jira Service Management.

Disconnect your Jira Service Management site from your Microsoft tenant

You need to be a site admin to disconnect a Jira Service Management site from the Microsoft tenant.

  1. From the top right of your screen, select Settings () > Products.

  2. Under Jira Service Management, select Incident management tools.

  3. Under Microsoft Teams, select Disconnect and confirm the action.

When you disconnect, you don’t delete any of your data in Microsoft Teams. You're only removing its connection with Jira Service Management. You can reconnect it at any time.

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