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Add and manage incident responders

This article refers to features that are currently rolling out. To find out when these features will be live on your site, keep an eye on our release notes or the Atlassian Community.

Responders are the people who work to resolve the incidents. When people are added as responders to an incident, Jira Service Management creates a responder alert to notify the responders and ensure they are aware of the incident.

You must have a connected Opsgenie account to notify the responders with a responder alert.

Add incident responders

To add a responder manually;

  1. In your service project, go to an incident’s detail.

  2. Select Responders in Details.

  3. Select Add responder.

  4. Search for the people you’d like to add. If you’ve enabled responder alerts for your service project, we’ll immediately create a responder alert and notify them based on the notification rules set in Opsgenie. Learn more about responder alerts.

Service responders

Admins can identify agents as responders of a service. When the service becomes an affected service to an incident, the service responders are automatically added as responders of that incident. This helps Jira Service Management to automatically notify the service responders and initiate the remedy process as soon as possible. Later, the incident commander can add more people as responders to that incident and trigger responder alerts for them as well.

View the responders list to see which services the agents are responders of and if they were added manually by the agents.

You can manage all incident responders from the incident’s details. However, service responders can be added and removed from the service’s detail page. Learn more about services.

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