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What can I customize about the help center?

The help center comes with many customization options to match your company's brand. Here are the options you have in your help center:

  • Language - If your teams have added translations, you can choose a language for your help center name and welcome message. You can choose from the languages that have been added to your service projects on your site. The help center language displays to customers when their profile or detected language isn't available. Learn more about translations.

  • Announcement - Add an announcement to display a message to your customers.

  • Help center name - The name displays in breadcrumbs when people browse your help center. If you don't add a logo, it also displays in the top left of your help center and portals.

  • Front page title - Add a front page title to let your customers know where they are.

  • Logo - Add your company’s logo to display your company’s brand. If you don't add a logo, your help center name displays here instead. Accepted formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG, with a maximum file size of 10MB and a maximum height of 24 pixels.

  • Banner - Upload your own banner, or use the default image. The recommended banner size for your customer portal is 1680x360 pixels.

  • Banner background, link, and button color - Change the color of the default banner, links, and buttons to personalize your help center.

  • Help center banner text color - Change the color of the front page title to reflect your company’s colors.

Learn how to brand your portal.

Last modified on Jan 8, 2021
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