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Add translations to a form

The features described in this article are only available to those participating in the early access program (EAP) for form translations in Jira Service Management.

Translate forms into multiple languages for customers to raise requests in their preferred language. If your customers preferred language isn’t available, they’ll see the language the original form was created in.

Add language

To add languages to create a translation:

  1. Once in the form builder, select the Translate tab.

  2. If no translations have been created, select Add languages and select the languages you wish to add.

  3. If you already have translations associated with this form, select Add languages under the languages you’ve already added from the navigation on the left.

Languages won’t be visible to customers until translations have been reviewed, and the Available to customers toggle is enabled. This is so untranslated, or incorrect forms aren’t automatically surfaced to customers.

Translate form

To translate the form into a new language:

  1. Once in the form builder, select the Translate tab.

  2. Select the language you wish to update translations on, or select Add language to choose a new language.

    1. Each language has a status which shows either how many translations are left to update, or if translations are complete.

  3. To start adding translations, select a field on the form, and enter the translation in the panel on the right. Continue doing this until all translations on your form are complete.

    1. Fields marked with a red dot indicate whether translations are missing

  4. Once translations are complete, enable the Available to customers toggle so customers are able to access this language.

    1. If a warning symbol () appears, it means this language won’t be available on the portal until it is also enabled in Language support. Read more about adding languages to the portal in Language support.

Remove language

To remove languages:

  1. Once in the form builder, select the Translate tab.

  2. Select the trash icon () next to the language you wish to remove.

  3. Once removed, those translations will be deleted and you’ll need to redo translations if you decide to add the language again later.

Some elements of the form can’t be translated during the early access program (EAP). These include:

  • Rich formatting elements, such as tables and free text blocks

  • Default responses

  • Any choice fields linked to Jira fields

  • Any choice fields linked to a data connection

Other limitations include:

  • Only the original form can be duplicated, or copied over to other projects. Any translations won’t carry over and will need to be created again.


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