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What is maintenance in operations?

The maintenance in operations provide a streamlined approach to managing how and when you receive alerts in Jira Service Management. By planning a maintenance you can turn on and turn off multiple features (alert policies, notification policies, integrations, and sync) simultaneously, facilitating efficient IT operations.

Maintenance in operations are particularly useful in two scenarios:

  • Temporarily turn off multiple features to prevent alert creation,

  • Scheduling the activation of multiple features simultaneously for planned maintenance routines.

Team maintenance

This allows you to turn on or turn off alert policies, notification policies, integrations, and syncs for a specific team. For example, you might want to turn off several team integrations temporarily to prevent alerts during a certain period. This can be managed from your team’s operations.

Site-level maintenance

This affects alert policies, integrations and syncs that are set at a site-level. You can find and manage site-level maintenance under your Jira product settings.

Maintenance settings

  • Planned: Listings for future maintenance activities.

  • Current: Active maintenance operations.

  • Past: Completed or cancelled maintenance activities.

While active maintenance entries can't be edited or deleted, they can be cancelled or have their end date adjusted. This flexibility ensures that maintenance operations can adapt to changing requirements or unexpected situations.

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