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Restrict access to knowledge base articles

If your knowledge base contains articles for both your team and customers, you can use Confluence page restrictions to hide articles from customers.

Learn more about page restrictions in Confluence cloud.

For example, you can create a Confluence group for your team, then restrict internal articles to this group. They won't appear in the help center, but your team can still read them while they work on issues. Articles that are not visible to the customer are marked with a red padlock.

Restricting article access to a certain user group is not yet possible for spaces linked from Confluence server sites. Learn more about page restrictions in Confluence server.

You can also restrict access to your knowledge base articles from your service project.

To change viewing permissions for a space:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Knowledge base.

  2. Select the Viewing permissions dropdown next to the linked space of your choice.

  3. Choose the Private option if you want only Confluence users with access to that space to view the articles. Choose the Restricted option if you want all logged-in users of your service project (even people without a Confluence license) to view the articles.

You can also change the viewing permissions for multiple spaces at once. Select the relevant spaces by checking the box next to the space name, go to the Viewing permissions button above the table and choose from the given options.

Only admins can change knowledge base permissions. For spaces linked from a Confluence server site, you may need to first authenticate in Confluence to manage viewing permissions from the knowledge base.

If you don’t see the option to set the viewing permission to Private or Restricted, it may be because the space admin has made the space publicly accessible in Confluence. You can change this in Confluence if you’re a space admin.

To restrict access to your space:

  1. Select the Settings button that appears when hovering over that respective row to go to Confluence permissions.

  2. Turn off the View permission under Anonymous access.



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