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Switch your Microsoft and Google email accounts to OAuth

We recommend switching to Open Authorization (OAuth) as soon as possible.

Open Authorization (OAuth) provides more security than Basic Authentication by allowing you to connect your email service to Jira Service Management without needing to share your password. Switching to OAuth early will also help you to avoid any disruption to incoming email when Microsoft and Google no longer support Basic Authentication.

To switch your Microsoft or Google email account to OAuth, you’ll need to disconnect it from Jira Service Management and then reconnect using OAuth.

Depending on how your organisation is configured, you may require consent from your Microsoft or Google admin.

Incoming email to your Jira Service Management support address received during the reconnection event will not be processed, so we recommend scheduling reconnection during a suitable low-usage maintenance window.

Reconnect your email account using OAuth

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings > Email requests.

  2. Select Disconnect next to the custom email account that you want to reconnect using OAuth.

  3. Select Disconnect from the confirmation box that appears.

  4. Select the email provider you wish to reconnect, and follow the prompts to reconnect your account using OAuth.

If you reconnect using OAuth and believe you may have lost incoming email, contact Atlassian Support.

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