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How do company and team-managed workflows differ?

In company-managed projects, workflows are independent of request types. This means multiple request types can share the same workflow. Changing a workflow will impact every request type associated with it. Workflows have their own place in your project settings.

In team-managed projects, each request type has its own workflow. Changing a workflow only impacts that specific request type associated with it. Since workflows are attached to a request type, you edit a workflow by going to its associated request type. You can copy workflows across request types within the project, but they become independent after copying. Copied workflows aren’t updated simultaneously when a change is made to one of the request types.

You need be an administrator in your project to edit its workflows. Learn more about team-managed project roles.

To copy a workflow to other request types in a team-managed project:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings () > Request types.

  2. Select a request type from the sidebar.

  3. Select Edit workflow.

  4. Select > Copy to other request types.

  5. Choose request types to copy to.

  6. Select Copy.

Company-managed workflows can be shared across request types, and team-managed workflows are request type independent

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