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What are Jira Service Management next-gen projects?

We currently support both classic and next-gen projects in Jira Service Management Cloud. The main functionality between the project types are the same, but there are key differences you should know to decide what’s right for your organization.

The difference between classic and next-gen projects

Next-gen service projects have simpler project configuration and give project admins more control over set up without involving a Jira admin (unlike Classic projects, where one is required to configure schemes and screens). They also have Enterprise Service Management (ESM) templates: HR, Facilities, and Legal that aren’t available in classic.

Classic projects require a Jira admin to configure screens and schemes that projects are based on. Hence, classic projects have greater complexity in project configuration, but also the ability to standardize workflows across projects that next-gen doesn’t have. When a Jira admin changes a scheme or screen, every classic project that uses that configuration changes accordingly. In next-gen projects, you can only copy workflows within a project and not to another project on your site. Classic projects can also be created using the latest IT Service Management (ITSM) template. Learn how to Migrate between next-gen and classic projects.

Feature list

Next-gen and classic projects also don’t currently have the same features. Check the feature list below to determine which project type suits your needs:

Classic service project

Next-gen service project

Advanced setup and configuration

Easy setup and reimagined features

Classic look and feel

Updated look and feel

Great for expert Jira users

New features added regularly

Expert configuration

Easy and fast to set up

Managed by Jira admins

Managed by project members

Detailed permissions

Simplified permissions

Classic workflow editor

Easy to use workflow editor

Asset management

Asset management

Language support

Language support



Agent notifications

Agent notifications COMING SOON

Customer transitions

Customer transitions COMING SOON

How to choose between a classic or next-gen project

Choose a next-gen project if:

  • Your team wants easier project configuration to get started quickly.

  • You need an independent project for each in your organization.

  • You’re an ESM team who wants to use a project template.

Choose a classic project if:

  • You need consistent workflows across teams.

  • There are features in classic projects that aren’t available in next-gen projects.

  • You want to use an ITSM template.

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Last modified on Dec 1, 2020
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