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Track customer satisfaction feedback trends

Project admins can use reports to track and analyze trends in customer satisfaction. Your service project comes with a default satisfaction report that shows you the average customer satisfaction rating for your team.

Before you begin tracking, make sure you’re set up to collect customer satisfaction information on your requests. Learn how to enable customer satisfaction feedback.

To track more trends in customer satisfaction, you can set up custom reports.

Using custom reports to report on customer satisfaction

To create a custom satisfaction report, follow the instructions to create a custom report. When you add a series to your custom report, make sure that you select Average rating under Customer satisfaction series from the Series dropdown menu.

Some custom reports you can use to report on customer satisfaction are:

Report based on issue types

This helps you understand how customer satisfaction levels differ in different sections of your business. To set this up, add series filtered by the issue types you want to compare.

Report based on the type of service request

This helps identify issues for which the team could provide knowledge articles. To set this up, add series filtered by the service request types you want to compare.

Report comparing the satisfaction scores of an agent with their team

This helps identify agents who would benefit from further training. To set this up, add a series filtered by your team’s satisfaction rating. Add separate series filtered by each agent in your team.

When filtering report series, you can also switch to JQL. Learn more about advanced search using JQL.

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