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What are major incidents?

Find out what defines a major incident and how Opsgenie can help you manage these. Learn about major incidents.

Set up your profile to get notifications

To get notified of major incidents, you’ll first need to set up your profile. Learn more about Opsgenie notifications.

Build up a response team

Build up a team that can respond to incidents and decide who will be notified and when by customizing your on-call schedule. Learn more about Opsgenie’s team dashboard.

Assign an owner team to a service

Inform the right teams so they can start working to resolve incidents instantly. Learn more about connecting teams and services.

Escalate an incident into a major incident

See what it means to escalate an incident, how to do it and what happens when you do. Learn how to escalate an incident.

Level up your incident management response

Respond to incidents in record time, find out how to take it to the next level. Learn best practices for incident management.

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