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Best practices for creating canned responses

Canned responses are reusable responses that agents and project admins can share with their customers to answer common queries. Acknowledgments, closing remarks, greetings, and signatures – you can create canned responses for any scenario.

Read how to create canned responses.

Here are a few best practice guidelines for getting the most value from each of your canned responses:

  • Find opportunities to use canned responses - To improve the resolution time for your service requests, it will be helpful to find queries, gaps, and repeatedly asked questions that you can reply to using canned responses. For example, if your team has five different FAQ lists that you share with people upon receiving their request, create a canned response for each list so that you can share quickly without manually typing or copy-pasting repeatedly.

  • Use plain and natural language - Canned responses can be used to improve your service project team’s efficiency. However, your customers don't need to know that the responses they’re receiving are prewritten. Try to use a plain and conversational tone in your responses so that you can increase the team’s productivity while maintaining high customer service standards.

  • Add a touch of personalization - To make your canned responses personalized for each customer, make use of the variables. These variables can be used to address your requester, state their issue summary, provide the agent’s name working on the request, etc.

  • Insert links to relevant articles and resources - For queries that can be resolved using existing knowledge base articles and resources, insert the links within your canned response. It saves agents' productivity by not having to invest time in resolving repetitive queries.

  • Maintain a consistent tone and voice - Using a consistent tone and voice in your responses is reassuring for your customers. For example, if you use a friendly conversational tone while interacting with your customers, try to use the same while creating your canned responses.

  • Collect feedback and improve - Refresh the content of your canned responses regularly to ensure that the responses are up-to-date and address frequently asked questions from your customers.

Sample canned responses

Here are a few examples of canned responses that will help you get started. Analyse your team’s requirements and use these predefined responses to serve your customers better.

Acknowledging service requests or first responses

Hello {{issueReporter}},

Hope you are doing well.

We have received your request {{issueKey}} and our team is working on it. We appreciate your patience while we try to resolve your issue.

Seeking clarifying information

Hello {{issueReporter}},

Hope you are doing well.

Thank you for your patience while our team tried to work through your request {{issueKey}}. With the available information, unfortunately, we’re unable to resolve the issue. To proceed further with our investigation, could you please share the following information:

  • Browser name and version -

  • Device type -

  • LAN or WiFi -

Feel free to connect with us for any further questions.



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