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What service request workflows come with my service project?

The IT service management template associates certain requests with a service request fulfillment workflow. You can standardize the process for fulfilling requests by selecting one of the two default service request workflows in your service project or customizing one of the default workflows. The two default workflows include:

  • Service Request Fulfilment workflow for Jira Service Management – this workflow has no approval step. We recommend using this for pre-approved service requests.

  • Service Request Fulfilment with Approvals workflow for Jira Service Management– this workflow includes an approval step. We recommend using these for requests that need either business or financial approval.

These workflows contain the following high-level process:

  1. A customer requests help from your team to resolve an issue.

  2. A service project agent assesses the request alongside pre-defined approval and qualification processes. If needed, they send the request for financial or business approval.

  3. A service project agent works to fulfil the service request, or forwards the request to someone who can.

  4. After resolving the request, the service project agent closes the request or waits for the service project to automatically close the request. The agent consults the customer to make sure they are satisfied.

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