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Summarize issue details using Atlassian Intelligence

Instead of reading through long descriptions and numerous comments on a Jira Service Management issue, you can use Atlassian Intelligence to quickly summarize this information for you. Learn more about Atlassian Intelligence.

Summarize an issue’s description and comments using Atlassian Intelligence

This feature is only available for Premium or Enterprise customers that have activated Atlassian Intelligence for Jira Service Management.

  1. From your Jira Service Management project, navigate to your desired issue.

  2. Scroll down to the Activity section.

  3. Select Comments, and then Summarize.

    • The summary generated by Atlassian Intelligence will only be visible to you, and will disappear when you navigate away from the issue. You can summarize an issue’s details as many times as you like.

The quality, accuracy, and reliability of information generated by Atlassian Intelligence may vary. Learn why

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