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Choose how your customers access attachments

Attachment security is only available on Jira Service Management Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans. Find out more about Jira Service Management plans and pricing.

Customers get email notifications whenever someone comments on one of their requests, or tags them in a comment on a request. Comments may include attachments, which are added to the email notifications. Learn more about attaching files to issues.

If desired, you can choose how customers access attachments for security purposes.

You must be a project administrator to set up the attachment security of customer notifications.

To configure attachment security in customer notifications:

  1. From your service project’s sidebar on the left, go to Project settings () >Customer notifications.

  2. Find the Attachment security section and select an option for your service project.

Attachment security options

Attachment won’t appear in the notifications when the compliance setting is enabled on your site. Customers can log in to the portal to access attachments related to an issue. Accessing attachment in existing emails won’t be affected. Learn more about compliance settings.

  • Download attachments by logging in to the portal

Customers are notified that they have attachments in the notification email. To download the attachment, customers will need to log in to your portal to authenticate.

  • Download attachments via a secured link (without logging in)

Customers can download attachments via a uniquely generated link without the need to log in to the portal to authenticate. This option is ideal if your service project uses email as the only support channel.

The links can’t be guessed or accidentally discovered but they can be downloaded by anyone on the web with the link.

Choose carefully with this option if the attachments may include personal data, confidential data, or other sensitive information of a recipient.

A link will automatically expire 28 days after it’s generated, or you can immediately invalidate it by deleting the comment that contains the relevant attachment. If you decide to change this setting, it will invalidate all previously generated links.

Email size

Notification emails may contain images if they’re uploaded to a request.

  • If the total size of the email is less than 6MB, a recipient will see inline images in the email.

  • If the size of the email is greater than 6MB, a link will be shown in the email for the images. A recipient needs to log in to the portal to see images via the request, except when Download attachments via a secured link (without logging in) option has been selected where the recipient can download images without logging in.

This page is for company-managed projects

If the lower-left of your service project sidebar says you're in a team-managed project, check out these team-managed project articles instead.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.


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