All Jira projects contain issues that your team can view, work on, and transition through stages of work — from creation to completion. The path that your issues take is called a workflow. Each Jira workflow is composed of a set of statuses and transitions that your issue moves through during its lifecycle, and typically represents work processes within your organization.  

In addition, Jira uses workflow schemes to define the relationship between issue types and workflows. Workflow schemes are associated with a project, and make it possible to use a different workflow for different combinations of project and issue types. If you need to edit or create a more advanced workflow to match how your team or organization works, you can log in as a Jira administrator with global permission to access and create your workflow.

What you can do...Documentation
  • Edit existing workflows
  • Create new workflows
  • Configure existing workflows 
  • View workflow in company-managed projects

Working with workflows

  • Add a workflow scheme
  • Configure a workflow scheme
  • Manage workflow schemes

Configuring workflow schemes

  • Import and export workflows
  • Activate and deactivate workflows

Managing your workflows

  • Add custom events
  • Configure the initial status
  • Work in text mode
  • Configure workflow triggers
  • Use validators and custom fields
  • Use XML to create a workflow
  • Configure workflow properties

Advanced workflow configuration