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Edit individual and multiple issues

After performing your search, you can action individual issues as well as multiple issues at once.

The list of issues will remain constant, even if you change an issue so that it doesn't meet the original search criteria. This is to give you a constant set of issues to work with when triaging issues.

View an issue

Select the key or summary of the issue to view the issue.

  • If you're in list view, you will be redirected to the issue (leaving the search results page).

  • If you're in detail view, the issue details will display in a panel on the right.

Edit an issue

You can edit an issue and perform actions like update the fields, transition it, or log time on it

To edit an issue:

  • If you're in list view, hover over the issue and click the  icon and select from the options.

  • If you're in detail view, select the issue and update it in the issue details panel on the right.

You can also select an issue and update it via keyboard shortcuts in either view. Use the j and k keys to select the previous/next issue in the issue navigator.

Use the keyboard shortcuts, J (next issue) and K (previous issue), to navigate quickly between issues. Press ? on your keyboard from anywhere in Jira to learn more time-saving keyboard shortcuts.

Edit multiple issues

Bulk operations let you edit multiple issues at once. These actions include transitioning issues, deleting issues, moving issues, and watching or unwatching issues.

To edit multiple issues:

  1. Use Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) and select multiple issues.

  2. Select More actions () in the top right of a selected issue.

  3. Select Bulk change and use the original bulk change experience.

More about editing multiple issues at the same time

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