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What are form states?

The features described on this page may not yet be available on your Jira Service Management site. To find out when these features will be live on your site, keep an eye on our release notes or the Atlassian Community.

At any given time, a form is in one of three states: open, submitted, or locked. These states affect the behavior of the form, and who can access it.


Open forms are either yet to be submitted or have been reopened for editing.

  • If desired, the person editing a form can save their progress without submitting it.

  • If the form has linked fields, any changes made to a linked form field will automatically update its linked Jira field (and vice versa). Learn more about linking form fields and Jira fields.


Once completed, the person filling out a form can submit it. This signals to everyone else that the form is now complete.


Once a form is submitted, it can also be locked. Whether or not a form is automatically locked upon submission can be controlled in a form’s settings. Learn more about form settings.

  • To edit or delete a locked form, it needs to be re-opened.

  • Locked forms can only be reopened by project admins.

  • If the form is submitted and it has any linked fields, any changes made to the linked Jira fields will not affect the form field contents. Learn more about linking form fields and Jira fields.

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