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What can I do to help customers find the right request type?

If your customers find the request types they need, it can help you categorize the type of help that your customers need.

Here are some tips to help customers find request types:

  • Name request types with language familiar to your customers, such as using keywords they will recognize. For example, name a request type Access to a system instead of VPN access.

  • Use different icons for request types, so customers can visually identify them in the portal.

  • Add contextual information to the Field help field of your request type by editing its fields.

  • Use examples in your request type descriptions (e.g. If you need a software license such as Microsoft Office, raise a request here).

  • Organize request types into portal groups to make it easier for customers to find what they need. You’ll need more than one group for groups to appear in the portal.


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