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Authenticate portal users to access knowledge base articles

These instructions only apply to spaces linked from Confluence server sites. For spaces linked from Confluence cloud sites, no additional authentication is needed.

Users can access knowledge base articles in the portal if admins have set them up with the appropriate permissions across Jira Service Management and Confluence.

For spaces linked from Confluence server sites, along with these permissions, project admins also need to set up authentication in the knowledge base. This will enable portal users in Jira Service Management Cloud to access articles linked from Confluence server sites.

To set up authentication so your users can access knowledge base articles:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings () > Knowledge base.

  2. Under Authenticate portal users, add your Confluence server credentials.

    • Remember not to use any Confluence admin credentials as this can lead to restricted articles showing up on your portal. We recommend creating a new, read-only account in your Confluence server site and using its credentials here.

Once these Confluence credentials are saved and validated, your portal users will be able to access knowledge base articles without further authentication.

You can clear or change your Confluence credentials from your service project at any time.

Note: Running Confluence server sites without HTTPS enabled may leave your site exposed to vulnerabilities. We recommend you enable HTTPS on your site.


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