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What are request types?

Request types help you define and categorize incoming requests and allow you to collect the right information for each request. They appear as options in your portal to make it easy for people to request the help they need. You can organize request types into groups in your portal.

Your project comes with some pre-configured request types. You can customize request types to meet your needs and you can create new request types. You can also duplicate existing request types.

Each request type is connected to an issue type which primarily provides the workflow for the request type. Learn more about the relationship between request types and issue types.

If you're setting up request types for the first time:

  • think about how someone would make a request – use plain language and avoid specialist terminology. For example, use Get access rather than Deploy SSH key.

  • break request types down into specific requests without getting too granular – if you have too many request types, it makes it hard for help-seekers to find the one they need.

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