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Access Assets custom fields in Jira Cloud mobile app

Assets is a feature in Jira Service Management, with which teams can track their assets, configuration items, and resources to understand and visualize the critical relationships between applications, services, their underlying infrastructure, and other key dependencies.

If you want to attach an object to an issue while using the Jira mobile app, you can search the object label or use the QR code scanner. You should have Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise license to access Assets custom fields which can be edited by all Jira agents on the Jira mobile application.

Learn how to generate QR code for an Assets object.

Adding an object to Assets custom field

The new Assets custom field with manual search and QR code scanner is available on both Android and iOS devices.

To edit the Assets custom field, follow these steps;

  1. Create a new issue or open an existing issue in Jira Service Management.

  2. In the Jira Cloud Mobile App, select the Assets custom field to which you want to add an object. On the search page, you can either Manually type in the object name you wish to add or select Add object by scanning the QR code that will open. Tap the Scan QR code button to open the QR code reader.

  3. Once the scan has been completed, the object is either added to the selection list, or it will populate the Assets field you previously selected.

    1. The field will be populated with the object immediately after scanning if it is a single select Assets field.

    2. In the case of a multi-select Assets field, you will be able to scan multiple QR codes before saving it. Each scan will add a new object to the selection list.

4. Select Save to update the Assets field with all selected objects in the list.

If you are using the QR code scanner on IOS, you may use features like pinch to zoom, flashlight, and focus view to aid scanning. IOS users will also have the option to scan QR code from photos.

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