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What is a report series in team-managed service projects?

When you create a report, you need to specify the filtering criteria (the data you want to see) and display options (how you want to see it) for the issue you’re comparing and reporting on. This is called a series.

Series are a set of data points used to make reports. For example, a series could be the number of requests received on day one, two, three and so on for the past week. This would compare the difference in the number of requests received on each day of the week. While they can point out trends on their own, they're more powerful when plotted together.

You can have a maximum of 20 series for each report.

When adding a series to a report, start by defining the following:

  • Series - A pre-existing metric from the drop-down menu.

  • Label - A name for the series. This name is shown on the report page below the name of the report.

  • Color - A color for the series. Choosing different colors for each series can help make the report easier to read.

  • Filter by - You can filter by Specific issues or JQL from SLA Goal. The Specific issues field allows you to filter based on type, status, priority and component.


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