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Update the request types of issues using Atlassian Intelligence

This feature is only available to customers with Atlassian Intelligence enabled. Find out more about Atlassian Intelligence.

Save time when triaging issues in your queue by letting Atlassian Intelligence suggest new request types for multiple issues. This can be particularly useful when you receive requests by email and end up with a lot of issues with the Emailed request request type. By using the Atlassian Intelligence triage feature, you can easily update these issues to have more appropriate request types.

Atlassian Intelligence will update the request types of these issues and fill in fields in the new request type based on content in the issue.

To update the request types of issues with Atlassian Intelligence:

  1. Select issues in your queue.

  2. Select Triage.

  3. Review the suggestions and select the issues you want to update.

  4. Select Apply.

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