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What notifications do my customers and team receive?

Customers, agents, and administrators get email notifications about activity on requests. The type of notifications that someone receives will vary based on their role and how they’ve interacted with the request. Learn more about roles in Jira Service Management.

There are two types of notifications in Jira Service Management: customer notifications and internal notifications.

Customer notifications

Regardless of whether someone is a customer, agent, or admin, they will receive customer notifications if they:

  • Raise a request

  • Are added to the Reporter, Approver, or Request participant field on a request and have verified their email address

  • Belong to an organization that has allowed customers to share requests with each other, and have a request shared with them

  • Are a customer (not an agent or admin) and they post a public comment on a request

Customers can turn off notifications by:

  • Selecting Turn off this request’s notifications in the notification email, or

  • Going to the request view in the portal, and changing Notifications on to Notifications off.

Even if a customer turns off notifications for a request, they will still receive notifications:

  • When the request is resolved

  • If they are added to the Approver field and their approval is required

Internal notifications

Internal notifications are only sent to agents and admins, and never to customers. Internal notifications are sent to agents or admins if they are:

  • added as a watcher on a request (this happens if they post an internal note or a public comment on a request, transition a request’s status and have Watch your issues enabled in their personal settings, or add themselves as a watcher)

  • added to the Assignee field on a request

Internal notifications are based on the service project’s notification scheme. Learn more about notification schemes.

How customer and internal notifications interact for agents and admins

If an agent is added to a request as an agent and a customer, internal notifications will take priority over customer notifications.


An agent creates a request on behalf of a customer, and is automatically added to the Reporter field for that request. Because the agent’s name is in the Reporter field, they’re considered a customer on the request, and will only receive customer notifications.

If the same agent is then added to the Assignee field of the request, they’re considered to be both a customer and an agent on the request. As a result, they’ll begin receiving internal notifications instead of customer notifications.

If the agent is then removed from the Assignee field (but still appears in the Reporter field, so they’re still considered a customer on the request), they’ll stop receiving internal notifications and go back to only receiving customer notifications.

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