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Designate your approvers

When you enforce an approval step the issue doesn't know who your approvers are. You can designate your approvers in their corresponding issue fields.

For example, to designate your Change Advisory Board (CAB) members:

  1. Go to the issue.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Enter CAB members into the CAB field.

The process is the same for change manager or peer/team reviews.

Depending on how you configure your approvals, all or some of these members need to approve the request before the change can proceed to the Awaiting implementation stage.

You may find your CAB doesn't change membership very often. In this case, you can designate them automatically when setting up a change request type.

  1. From your service project sidebar, select Project settings () > Request types.

  2. Next to change request that you want to add pre-designated CAB approvers to, select Edit fields.

  3. Select Add field.

  4. Tick the checkbox next to CAB and select Apply.

  5. The CAB appears in the list of visible fields. In the CAB entry, select Hide.

  6. Designate your CAB members and select Set.

Similarly, you can pre-designate the change manager or peer reviewers for each request type.

Last modified on Nov 9, 2020
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