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Trash and restore a project

If a service project is finished or no longer needed, you can move it to the trash where it will be available for 60 days before being permanently deleted. Within that 60-day period, Jira admins can restore the service project and use it again. Learn how to restore a service project.

You need to be a Jira admin to move company-managed service projects to trash. To move a team-managed service project to the trash, you’ll need to be a Jira admin or a project admin.

Move a service request to the trash

  1. From your service project’s sidebar, select Project Settings > Details.

  2. Select More Move to trash.

  3. Select Move to trash.

Alternatively, you can: 

  1. From the top-right, select Settings > Projects.

  2. Select Manage projects from the sidebar.

  3. Find your service project and select More Move to trash

  4. Select Move to trash.

Issues from service projects in the trash won't appear in search results. Service project associated schemes, workflows, issues types, or any content that might be shared with other service projects won't be affected by moving a service project to the trash.

Once a service project is in the trash:

  • SLA timers: Any existing timers associated with requests will stop counting.

  • Automation rules:

    • “SLA time remaining” and “Time in Status” rule types won’t be executed. These include rules like the At-risk SLA alert and the Close resolved issue preset automation rule.

    • Rules that execute actions on issues will fail and won’t be re-tried.

    • If the service project is restored, rules will only be executed once operations are performed on existing requests. For newly created requests, automation rules will run as normal.

  • Incoming emails: Any email requests sent while the service project is in the trash won’t be processed.

  • Deployment gating: New deployment gating change requests will not work, but any pending or paused change requests for deployments will remain in that state.

Restore a service project from the trash

Only Jira admins can restore a service project. Service projects in the trash will be permanently deleted after 60 days.

To restore a service project from the trash: 

  1. From the top-right, select Settings  > Projects.

  2. Select Trash from the sidebar. 

  3. Find the service project you want to restore, and select More > Restore

You may need to turn on email support for your service project to work as normal.

  1. From your service project’s sidebar, select Project Settings > Email requests.

  2. Select Turn on email support.

The service project along with its requests, queues, automation rules, SLAs, and reports will be restored. Agents can edit and work on issues. The service project will appear in directories and issues will appear in search results.

From the trash, Jira admins can: 

  • See when a service project was moved to the trash

  • See who moved the service project to the trash

  • Find out when a service project will be permanently deleted

  • Restore a service project that was moved to the trash

  • Permanently delete a service project

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