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Jira Automation docs have moved

All content related to Jira Cloud Automation, previously under the Automate your Jira processes and workflows section, have moved to the new Cloud Automation docs.

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Set the cardinality of an attribute

Insight in Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise only feature. It is compatible only with company-managed projects. Learn more about Insight.

Setting the cardinality for an attribute allows you to set a minimum and maximum number of values that can be added to the attribute. To set the cardinality for an attribute, you must be logged in as a Jira admin or have Object Schema Manager permissions.

  1. Select Insight in the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Object schemas.

  3. Select the relevant object schema.

  4. Select the relevant object type.

  5. Select Attributes.

  6. Select the gear icon next to the attribute and select Configure in the dropdown.

  7. Under the Cardinality tab, enter the maximum or minimum number of values that can be added to the attribute.

For attributes with the type set to ‘Default’ you can only set the maximum cardinality to 1, except ‘URL’ and ‘Email’.


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