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Create request types in team-managed projects

Request types help you define and categorize incoming requests and allow you to collect the information you need to resolve them.

Your service project may come with some default request types determined by the project template that was used to create it. You can customize these and create your own to suit the needs of your customers and team.

You must be a Jira or project admin to create request types. To create a new request type in your team-managed service project:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings , and then Request types.

  2. Select Add request type.

From here, you can select Create blank to build your own request type, or select Create from template to use templates designed for different teams and use cases to quickly create a new request type that can be edited later. You can add up to 30 request types.

Build your own request type

  1. Select Create blank.

  2. Enter the request type name and description, and choose an icon.

  3. Select Save.

You can also build your own request type by selecting the Blank template from the request type template library.

Create from template

  1. Select Create from template.

  2. Browse, search, and Preview the different templates.

  3. Select the template you want to use to create your new request type.

  4. Review and update the request type’s name, description and icon.

  5. Select Save.

Your new request type will appear in the side navigation, alongside the other request types your service project uses. Your request type appears in the customer portal as a form your customers can use to request help.

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