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What is Legacy automation?

Legacy automation is an older set of Jira Service Management automation rules and features, and is available only on sites created before Aug 30, 2021. You can find it in Project settings > Automation > Legacy automation.

Sometime in early 2023, Legacy automation will no longer be available on sites that have no custom automation rules created or triggered in the past 180 days. It will continue to be available on existing sites that regularly use Legacy custom automation rules. We’ll keep you posted about updates on this page.

It will be replaced by the new, enhanced Jira automation which has a variety of upgraded capabilities that let you:

  • create automation rules that work across Atlassian products

  • pick from a larger number of advanced styles, triggers, conditions, and actions

  • use an improved audit log and configuration experience for automation.

You can access the new automation features in Project settings > Automation.

For the newest automation experience, use Jira automation to automate work across Atlassian products. Learn how to get started with Jira automation.

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