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How do customers send requests to your service project?

The main ways your customers interact with the service project are by using the help center and by email.

Get help from the help center

Customers can raise a request online through the help center. From there, they can view the portal for each service project they have access to.

They can help themselves here by searching for how-tos and FAQs, or raise a request to ask your team for help. Customers can also keep track of all their requests and check the status in their requests list by selecting the Requests button near their avatar. They can select each request to see more details about it and respond to comments from agents.

You can share the portal URL by selecting Channels from your service project and copying the portal URL.

Send email requests to your service project

Your customers can send requests by email if your service project is set up for it. They can also track requests through email notifications. They receive email notifications when agents respond to their request and when their request is resolved.

You can share your service project’s email address by selecting Channels from your service project and copying the address.

Raise requests in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Customers can raise requests from messages posted in Slack or Microsoft Teams if chat is turned on for a service project.

You can turn on chat by selecting Channels, then Chat, then Configure.

Learn more about setting up chat

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