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Test your virtual agent

The virtual agent is now available for all Jira Service Management customers on Premium and Enterprise plans. Read more about plans and pricing.

All intents are live in the test channel by default — this is so you have the opportunity to test them before activating them for customers. Find out how to activate an intent for your customers.

Test your virtual agent

  1. Go to your test channel in Slack. To find the name of your test channel:

    1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings, then Virtual agent.

    2. Select Settings, then Basic settings.

    3. The name of your test channel should appear under Test channel.

  2. Test your virtual agent and any intent conversation flows. When testing conversation flows:

    • Get as many people as you can to help you test and give feedback.

    • Try and use every available branch.

    • Get everyone to imagine they’re in different states of mind: in a rush, stressed about an upcoming presentation, or have difficult personal circumstances.

    • Test your “edge cases” (unusual or highly specific problems and requests) and see what happens.

    • Ask for help in as many different ways as you can to see if you need to update your training phrases. Read about training your virtual agent to recognize intents.

Use feedback from testing to refine your conversation flows or update your training phrases, then test again before activating the intent for customers. Find out how to activate an intent for your customers.


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