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What are request channels?

Request channels can include email, your help center, and a customizable widget. These channels are the pathways through which customers can raise requests in your service project.


You can set up a service project email address to capture requests from customers who email your team. Requests sent to your service project email will automatically be added to your queues, so your team can focus on customers without worrying about missing requests or managing multiple inboxes. Learn more about email requests.

Help center and portals

Customers can send and track their requests through the help center – your service project's customer-facing site. If your help center has multiple portals (for example IT or Legal), they can use your global help center to see them all in one place. Learn more about your help center.


Chat allows you to connect your service project with Slack so you can turn Slack messages into issues and work on them without leaving Slack. When customers raise a request in Slack, agents can respond to them or create an issue which is added to the queue for your service project. Learn more about Chat.


By embedding a widget, your customers can send requests directly from a form on your external website. You can configure the contents and appearance of your widget in your service project, and generate the code you need to embed the widget on your website. Learn more about creating a widget.

Raising a request for a customer

Agents can submit requests on behalf of customers by using the help center portal in the same way a customer would, or by choosing Create in the top navigation bar.


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