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Add or change the fields of an issue type

If you’re setting up your workflows, request types, or issue view for a service project, you may also need to add fields to your issue types. If the fields you’d like to add don’t exist yet, you’ll need to create them first. Learn how to create and add new custom fields to your service project.

You must be a Jira admin to add fields to an issue type or issue type screen.

To add existing fields to an issue type:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings, then Issue types.

  2. Select the issue type you would like to update. This will take you to the configuration page for your selected issue type.

  3. Select the Fields button in the top right corner of the page.

  4. Find the Select field dropdown beneath the list of current fields.

  5. Start typing, or use the dropdown menu to select and add fields to the issue type.

Learn more about issue types or learn more about issue type screens.


This page is for company-managed projects

If the lower-left of your service project sidebar says you're in a team-managed project, check out these team-managed project articles instead.

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